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Vacheron Constantin

Master watchmakers

The role of the “Atelier Cabinotiers Special Order” department is to perpetuate the unique expertise of our master watchmakers, who work in the great Genevan tradition of the Cabinotiers watch workshops. The Atelier Cabinotiers offers our clients a highly exclusive service: that of producing unique timepieces, entirely custom-made and created on an individual commission basis.

Our custom-made watches are surrounded by secrecy and confidentiality. Often embodying a dream or passion, they are an expression of aspiration, legendary because they are spoken of more often than they are actually seen.

No collections of catalogues here, only a listening ear. It all starts with a narrative: the client’s private story. A history fan might ask for the reproduction of a painting by one of the great masters in grand feu enamel on the dial; an aspiring Romeo might want his piece to chime once a year on his Juliet’s birthday; or a grand complications enthusiast might dream of owning a ground-breaking mechanical masterpiece.

All requests, from the most simple to the most ambitious, are meticulously examined by an ethical committee set up specifically to ensure that only projects that correspond perfectly with the values and traditions of Vacheron Constantin are approved; allowing the realization of a dream for the future owner.

Vacheron Constantin

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