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About us

OnlyBespoke has a simple name and a simple purpose: to bring together as many of the amazing bespoke products and services that we can find. Our site will showcase nothing but skill, talent and craftsmanship.

This site is not about luxury products, though naturally many are indeed high value items, it is about the love of making something unique, the purest form of craftsmanship. The bespoke theme will be found in stunning luxury items but it can also be found in small craft items, often fairly inexpensive but beautifully and skillfully made.

The site has a UK focus at the moment but it is growing daily. We will continue to add new categories and we will be spreading to other regions too. If you spot anything that we haven't picked up yet then please do send us a link, we love enriching this site with exciting new work. Ultimately, we simply hope you enjoy this site as much as we enjoy working on it.


About OnlyBespoke's creator

Coralie Wilson has always loved design and craftsmanship. She studied textile design at The Chelsea College of Arts and then went on to work in fashion PR, spending about ten years in the Harrods PR team before leaving to start her family.

Coralie had the idea to create this site when she realised that although there are some amazingly talented designers, producing brilliant one-off work, they are not always that easy to find. She also found it frustrating that the term 'bespoke' is often misused when you are searching for something. Frequently the word 'bespoke' is attached to just about anything that is perceived to be up-market, or it is used when there is just a simple choice of limited sizes and colours on offer for an otherwise standard product.

The goal is to make a recognised and well-respected resource for genuinely bespoke products or services. Items that are either exciting, beautiful, intelligent, imaginative or just wonderfully quirky.


How to be featured on

If you think you have a bespoke product or service that has been overlooked you are probably right! We are in the early stages of building up this resource and we know that there are very many areas that are, as yet, under-represented. We are commited to covering a diverse range of bespoke items and we are particularly keen to ensure that smaller businesses are included. With this in mind we have a clear policy:

Firstly, to encourage genuine craft specialists, small businesses that are accepted by us can be featured on the site for a free trial period. Secondly, costs are linked fairly to the size of the business to encourage the inclusion of these smaller enterprises. 

Contact us to find out more about being listed.