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Chris Allen and Sabina Kormylo

Hurdy-Gurdies, Lutes, Mandolins and Viols

Luthiers Chris Allen and Sabina Kormylo are hurdy gurdy and lute makers producing a wide variety of stringed instruments including Hurdy-Gurdies, Lutes, Mandolins and Viols.

We also undertake repair, adjustment and modification of existing instruments.

Almost all of our instruments are copied from or based upon existing historic instruments. We make close examination of historic examples and pride ourselves on the faithful reproduction of both external and internal detail and design.The design and construction of bespoke instruments is also undertaken.

We build hurdy-gurdies to individual customer specification. The body design is usually taken from an historic instrument to ensure good accoustic performance.

A wide range of options is available including additional strings, capos, head carving and overall decoration. Prices on application.

We provide a friendly and personal service and are very happy to discuss and accomodate the special musical needs of our customers.


Chris Allen and Sabina Kormylo

St Tydfils
Wesley Place
Merthyr Vale
Merthyr Tydfil

CF48 4RS
01443 693118