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Work The Metal Bow Ties

Bespoke Bow Ties

Gold. Silver. Copper. Stainless Steel.

WTM Bow Ties is a family business with 35 years experience in precious metal and design. The WTM Bow Tie spawned from the desire to create a metal bow tie that is purely about the unique wearing experience. The beauty in a  piece of simple folded material had to be recreated in both precious and non-precious metals alike. The unique technique of transforming a normally flat sheet of metal into a seemingly fluid and natural looking bow tie was in development for some time, in order to achieve the sublime product sold today. 

WTM bow ties are an expression of your style in wearable art. Weather choosing 22 ct yellow gold or pure silver you will be commissioning a bespoke heirloom for generations to enjoy.

WTM Bow Tie Box

Having created a timeless world class product it was important for us to compliment it with the ultimate "box",that would last the life of the bow tie. 

​We have passionately engineered an acrylic box that superbly displays the bow tie yet still protects it by using rubber mounts.  The satin band fitted to all bow ties, is discreetly hidden behind the logo inside the box. 

​We bought the Bow tie out of the wardrobe, for you to eloquently display, where it belongs.​

Work The Metal Bow Ties

2/49 Gloucester st Christchurch

Canterbury New Zealand