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Thomas Donhou

Handcrafted performance bikes

“Riding month after month for thousands of miles through countries where they don’t speak your language and you don’t speak theirs allows you a particular kind of perspective, you get to figure stuff out. You get to figure stuff out exactly. I figured out that I wanted to exactly start building frames and produce my own bikes."

Using traditional methods but not afraid to throw in a few modern ones we build you your ideal bicycle. They’re built with the foundations of clear thinking and a love for working with the customer and the design process in which your dream bicycle is translated from mind to physical being.

Working with the best fitters in the country we take a lot of time making sure your bike is just right. From supplying you with a high quality visual in the design stages to being meticulous in the production and finishing processes, everything is about realising your perfect bike and handcrafting it to the highest standards.

But in the end (for us at least!), it’s handing over your bicycle knowing that it is truly an extension of yourself and both of us excited about the road that lays in front of it…

Full builds are offered and this is encouraged as it allows absolutely every aspect of your bike to be dialled in to suit your needs perfectly. 


AT Bespoked UKHBS 2015 

Thomas Donhou

Hackney Wick


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