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Hartley Cycles

Award-winning bespoke bicycles

Caren Hartley is the founder of Hartley Cycles, an award-winning bespoke bicycle company in South London. Having first trained as a jeweller and silversmith, Caren then worked in a variety of metalwork disciplines including sculpture and large scale public art before deciding to focus her creativity on the bicycle.

Hartley Cycles is the culmination of this metalwork and design experience and a love affair with cycling.  Framebuilder Caren Hartley hand makes beautiful bespoke steel and stainless steel bicycles which are uniquely tailored to each client.

They are made with a variety of metalwok techniques such as fabricating, bronze brazing, silver soldering, piercing and wax carving, some specific to bicycle manufacture and some which she has developed during her multidisciplinary contemporary metalwork career.

Caren is passionate about making bikes for both women and men that are equal in beauty and performance, and most importantly, perfectly fitted to their rider. 

Hartley Cycles


Unit 1A, 1 East Dulwich Road


SE22 9BA
07717 362 873