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Award-winning DNA technology for personalised skincare

We all know that science and technology have radically reshaped many aspects of our daily lives over the last 20 years. Changes to the way we work, communicate and purchase goods have been the most noticeable part of the first wave of this revolution.

GENEU is at the forefront of the next wave of skin health. One that brings medical and technological expertise to everyone’s individual healthcare and beauty needs in radically new ways.

Developed over the last ten years with Imperial College London, GENEU’s unique ‘DNA BeautyLab on a microchip’ analyses your skin’s DNA and discovers precisely what your skin needs. Professor Christofer Toumazou and his research team at the Institute of BioMedical Engineering at Imperial College London have been globally recognised as pioneers in the application of microchip technology within the specialist areas of genetics and healthcare. GENEU was formed in 2012 when Professor Toumazou and his team applied this deep knowledge to the individual personalisation of healthcare and beauty. U+ is GENEU’s first skincare range. The U+ personalised skincare products heralds a new era of ‘intelligent healthcare and beauty’ where your skincare system evolves and adapts to the effects of future changes in your life.

Your U+ DNA personalised anti-ageing serum is formulated to provide the ultimate combinations and even more importantly concentrations of active ingredients, offering you dual support to help target wrinkles, elasticity and fine lines – leaving your skin looking visibly improved and hydrated. Our award-winning technology not only identifies your skin’s DNA, it takes into account your lifestyle choices and the damage caused by modern life – such as smoking, sunbathing and pollution.

Book an appointment today at our Flagship Store in New Bond Street. One of our PhD-qualified Scientific Advisors will analyse your skin’s DNA to recommend a skincare product that is unique to you. What we offer is unique, discreet and sophisticated to ensure the ultimate client experience. We want your experience to be enjoyable, thought-provoking, relaxing and ultimately lifestyle changing.

Once your DNA test is complete, one of our scientific advisors will discuss both your genetic and lifestyle results before recommending personalised serums that can best accommodate your skin's needs.


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