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Bespoke jewellery

Tohum is born out of a deep passion for the simplest forms of beauty. The origins of Tohum come from the Middle East. A simple yet powerful word, Tohum symbolises the idea of a seed brimming with life and ready to flourish.

Life in its simplest, most beautiful form is the essence of Tohum and the Tohum philosophy celebrates every seed's unique natural beauty with expressive design. Tohum creates entirely personal pieces of expression, each with a unique personality. The Tohum aesthetic is free and fluid; it brings out the original beauty of natural stones and materials, creating pure organic shapes and structures.

Every Tohum design is a bespoke piece, handcrafted using traditional techniques following the character of each stone and bringing to life the purity of each material to express true individual character. Tohum is all about celebrating individuality. A big part of our work is special commissions designed to capture unique personalities and occasions. 

Verda Alaton has created Tohum out of her lifelong passion for natural beauty. Born into an artistic family in Istanbul, she fell in love with far away lands and primitive cultures from an early age, and has studied their art for many years. As a designer, Verda Alaton has found her inspiration in the simple beauty of ethnic arts, particularly native adornment which combines natural forms with powerful expression. Discovering their uninhibited relationship with nature has been a big influence on her work.

During the five years she spent in New York, she worked with African art experts and started collecting tribal artifacts and accessories while working on her first design ideas. In 2008, she launched Tohum to bring to life her unique perspective with a passionate belief in simplicity and expressiveness.