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One of a kind memory boxes

Wheathills in Derbyshire create one of a kind Marquetry Memory boxes which accomplish their identity not from craftsmen or designers, but refreshingly from the clients themselves. Personalities, achievements and celebrations inspire each commission, transforming their life stories and aspirations into magnificent works of art.

Wheathills has been a family run business for nearly 200 years and maintains a long standing tradition based on inherited skill and experience stretching back to the early 1800’s when Baron Theodore Otto Alexander Heldreich was employed, whilst a Napoleonic prisoner of war, as a natural varnish maker in Derbyshire.

Today, his son Nigel has kept true to the family tradition leading Kedleston Traditional French Polishers to become one of the region's most regarded antique furniture and period property interior restorers, supplying services to the discerning antique collector and those renovating period homes worldwide.

Fine marquetry is not seen so much as a status symbol but more of a subtle appreciation of an ancient and exquisite art form, which is as unique as Mother Nature herself in every way. Beautiful natural timber is manipulated by the artist in the telling of a story, the marking of an occasion or simply to aspire to the highest level of the art.

"We will never cease to be amazed by our Clients diverse passions and life stories. It is only through them and their major involvement in developing, designing and choosing materials, can our Memory Boxes take on a personality of their own.

These boxes are like no other, ultimately you are giving a part of yourself to someone you love. So you get to choose the size, colour, shape and design that truly represents the reason for creating such a unique and private gift, which will be cherished by your family for many generations to come. "

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Wheathills Farm

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