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Lander & May

Traditional handmade globes

A globe is many things: a recorder of travel and exploration; a snapshot of world history at a particular time; a navigational and geographical aid; an ornamental piece of decorative art or a family heirloom of the future.

Whilst respecting the traditional expectation and presentation of a globe, we have also made some re-interpretations within our collections, and styled some of our pieces in a lighter, fresher way.

Our globes are all handmade by Chris, and follow the age-old traditional method of making a papier mache ball skimmed with plaster for a smooth robust finish, then covered with printed paper globe gores (sometimes colour printed, sometimes printed black and white then hand tinted), then sealed and varnished. It is a slow, meticulous process, taking time and care.

We only use British components for all our globes, and have sourced everything needed within the UK.  For the stands, we have used local woodturners, and also found interesting and well made one-off pieces from salvage which deserve a longer life and another chance to shine.

Lander & May


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