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Model Houses

Miniature architectural wonders

Commission Ben Taggart to construct a unique architectural model of your home. Each model is produced with the maximum possible attention to detail, perfect down to the last weathered cornice and brick.

The process involves a site visit and a measured architectural survey, carried out by Ben. This ensures that the finished model is completely accurate, capturing the true character of the building, for example, the colour and texture of the slate, stonework and bricks.

Ben offers two types of model, depending on the client’s specific requirements. An entire building can be created in miniature plus some surrounding garden or land, this is known as a ‘table top’ model. Alternatively, one elevation or the façade of the house can featured so that the model represents a slice or portion of the building.

‘Table Top’ models can be ordered with a base plinth of any height so the model can be placed on furniture, or stand alone as a centrepiece in any space. Custom made perspex cases are also designed to protect and display the finished model elegantly.

‘House front’ models are presented in their own custom made box-fames, making them the perfect gift to adorn your wall. On the background around the model a title can be printed with the name of the house, and any other personalised text required.

Every model is constructed by hand primarily out of wood. The finer architectural details are rendered in plaster of Paris, plastics, fibreglass resins and brass. Each component is individually made for every new commission; no ready-made items are used. The construction of these truly bespoke architectural models can take several weeks or even months depending on the complexity of the building.

Ben Taggart Modelmaking & Design was founded over 20 years ago, specialising in the construction of models of listed buildings and heritage projects. The idea of producing scale models as ‘House Portraits’ began after creating models for film and television and grew out of a passion for period architecture. Commissions come from a wide variety of clients, from architects, museums, property developers, and a host of private clients who own remarkable houses.

Model Houses

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