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Bespoke baby & children's shoes 

Perfect bespoke baby and children's shoes. Lovingly hand crafted footwear to suit your child for everyday use or shoes for a special occasion.

Handmade leather children shoes crafted from soft and supple, high quality leather. Superb craftsmanship at every step of the production process. A gift you will treasure for the rest of your life, our handmade baby and children's shoes are made from the finest materials and will last a lifetime as a baby keepsake.

"I have always believed that the right shoes not only add that finishing touch to an outfit, they also create a unique expression of the wearer's personality and individuality – at their best, a little piece of art. It was this passion for footwear that led me to study and pursue shoe design and to create my own company.

It all began when my daughter's first birthday approached and I decided to use the skills I had developed as a designer, to not only make shoes worthy of the occasion but to create a beautiful memento that we could both treasure. These classic pink shoes with their gorgeous ribbons attracted a lot of attention from our family and friends who wanted a similar memento for their children - and so the idea of shoes designed to be treasured forever was born."

The first consultation is carried out prior to ordering, free of charge, and with no obligation to purchase. The meeting can take place at the factory in East London, in your home where you will need to cover the cost of our transport or over the phone. We will discuss any particular styles or design ideas that you have or you could choose from our range of styles on our website and add your own colour or fabric. Also, our personalised baby and children's gifts make a lasting impression. Presented in an engraved, luxury lined wooden box our personalised baby and children's gifts are worthy of being treasured forever.

Watch Vivienne Lopez creating her shoes using a traditional technique called 'lasting. This factory in Leyton, east London is the only place in the UK still making 'lasted' baby shoes



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