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Gieves & Hawkes

Bespoke tailoring and shoe making

Gieves & Hawkes have been making bespoke clothing for international royalty, heads of state and men of distinction for over 200 years. The skills of the master craftsman are passed down from generation to generation, coupled with a love and respect for the art of tailoring.

Today Gieves & Hawkes holds all three Royal Warrants and proudly dresses three generations of the British Royal family, continuing the firm’s uninterrupted service to the British monarchy stretching back to 1799. No.1 Savile Row has been the Flagship store since 1912. Under one roof are showcased the Ready To Wear collections, Private Tailoring and Bespoke services alongside the military department and Royal archive.

Bespoke Tailoring

A bespoke customer, whether visiting No.1 Savile Row with an introduction or through mere curiosity, is introduced to the cutters in the bespoke room where the foundations are laid for a relationship of trust between cutter and customer which may last for decades.

The customer’s measurements are taken, as well as notes on build, stance and posture. Later, at his station the cutter sketches the customer’s unique pattern, using expertise and instinct to shape the two- dimensional panels that will combine into a form-fitting garment. The cloth is cut from this pattern and passed to the tailors; the creators of the suit.

A few weeks later the customer comes in for his first fitting and can see and feel the beginnings of a suit that previously existing only in his imagination.

Exquisite, hand-worked details are added as the suit reaches completion – fine buttonholes, horn buttons, the discreet label that reflects centuries of tailoring tradition. Then a final pressing and the suit is ready for collection.

Bespoke Shoe Making

Commissioning bespoke shoes is a collaboration between customer and shoemaker. It requires patience for the first pair, which can take up to six months, but the patience is well-rewarded with shoes that are as uniquely stylish as they are comfortable. Further pairs take just 12 weeks.

Only when the customer is happy with the fit are the shoes painstakingly hand sewn at the work bench at No.1Savile Row using pit tanned leather soles and heels. Finished and fitted with bespoke shoe trees, they are then ready for collection.

Gieves & Hawkes

1 Savile Row


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