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Ethan K

Hand-crafted beautiful bags

The word “Bespoke” is often over-used, but here, at Ethan K, is where it truly belongs…for every Ethan K creation is hand-crafted just for you.  Just as you have your own style, so too does every single piece created by Ethan K.  And, like your signature, your Ethan K creation is unique! 

My vibrant colours, and the exotic skins I select on which I works my magic, (such as-Nile Crocodile, Ostrich, Lizard, Louisana Alligator, and Python), are expertly matched and transformed into a true work of art.

Every Ethan K creation reflects my artistry and passion, and makes a definitive statement about your unique and singular.

True connoisseurs will tell you that there is nothing quite like owning an original.   An Ethan K original…yours alone! 

What sets Ethan K apart?  One word: “Excellence” Excellence in craftsmanship, design, finish, style, and technique are all combined in every single bag hand-crafted by the House of Ethan K. Using patented techniques, perfected through 4 generations, the finest skins, picked by me, are lovingly hand-treated and transformed. Through painstaking dyeing, skiving, and polishing the skins to our exclusive Bombé Shine, comes the glowing, seamless, opulent finish admired the world over. Light-as-a-feather luxury is yours only from Ethan K.