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Red Dragon Darts UK

Bespoke pro-darts

Red Dragon are passionate about bringing you the very best in darts through technical research and innovation, with great customer service to give you the winning edge.

We get so many enquires for bespoke custom fit darts that we thought we'd share how this First Class Service works for our Touring Pros' so you can see how much work and skill is involved in developing just one set of bespoke darts.

The price is eye wateringly high, but when you understand exactly how much skilled work is involved you'll understand why it's this expensive.

This is not just about going to get a set of darts that are something like what you want, this is about getting the exact darts that are 100% made for you by our development Team who fit the World's best players week in week out.

Custom fitting means you will go through the exact same process that we do with our top Pro's like Peter Wright, Robert Thornton, Ritchie Burnett and James Wilson so you can be 100% sure its the best custom fit service you can get.

We assess your current darts, how you throw them what you like and what you don't like and decide the exact nature of what needs improving.

Next we move on to your grip and flight style to see what shaft and flight set up you currently have in relation to the barrel style and weight you use.

Once we have an exact picture of how you throw we can then get to work on mapping and drawing up your new 100% bespoke barrel designs.

The whole process is very detailed work, and you'll be amazed as you see your new design start to take life in front of your eyes on our CNC machine.

This is where our pure expertise and skill comes in as the translation from drawing to making your bespoke darts requires an innate and in-depth knowledge of programing and imagination to give your darts that exact made to measure feeling.

The service for 1 player is £1,250.00 or for 2 players it's £1,750.00. When you place your order please make sure you include your best contact phone number so that we can call you to arrange the exact day.

Red Dragon Darts UK

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