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Coleford Brick & Tile

Handmade special bricks and tiles

Elevate the presence of your project and add a personal touch with Bespoke Specials. Our bespoke special bricks are hand-thrown by local craftsmen using traditional moulds and locally sourced clay. Our non-standard range is available in a large variety of colours and textures, to match virtually any brick. We excel in the unusual, being fortunate that our clay is conducive to the manufacture of intricate shapes and sizes and can also be dried relatively quickly, giving us the opportunity to respond rapidly to modern customer requirements.

We have an extensive range of non-standard moulds in stock, but if we are supplied with a reasonably accurate drawing or sample we can produce new moulds and usually deliver the finished product within 4 - 6 weeks. If drawings or samples are not available, upon request, we can visit the site to photograph and measure non-standard items and send a dimensioned diagram for client approval.The choice for non-standard specials is limitless. Let your imagination run wild, historic reproductions or modern architectural features, raise your project above the norm, safe in the knowledge that the specials will be of fine quality and competitively priced.

Handmade Colours to match every project
Coleford is very proud of its wide range of distinctive colours and charming textures, which we can extend even further through special colour blends. This service is carried out at the factory by mixing any number of different colours in ratios that have been specified by the client to provide the perfect blend for any project.We also have two additional surface texture finishes that can be applied to certain colours in our range.

Not sure which colour is right for your project? Our advise and expertise is always available to assist your selection. We offer a free brick matching service and are happy to visit your site in order to ascertain your requirements.This colour guide is intended to give specifiers an initial colour reference, but we strongly recommend that you request sample panels of brick slips for true colour & texture appraisal.

Coleford Brick & Tile

The Royal Forest of Dean




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