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Roger W Smith Ltd

Unique watches

For the ultimate in exclusivity, Roger can personally create a completely individual watch. A truly unique piece of mechanical art suited to the client, this requires a deep collaboration with Roger as well as an existing insight and understanding of his approach. As such, Unique Commissions are only available to Roger’s existing clients.

The Roger W Smith Studio prides itself on being one of the only studios in the world capable of offering a personal service whereby the client can commission a one-off piece in the form of a wrist or pocket watch.Because of the level of dedication required to create a one off piece, the client or their representative will enter into a one-to-one working relationship with Roger who will personally guide him, or her, through this complex process.

Utilising his personal set of skills developed since 1986, Roger will personally design, make and hand deliver the complete piece. Due to Roger’s commitments and the complexity of this commission work, there is currently an 8-year waiting list for a Unique Commission.

Roger W Smith Ltd

PO Box 67


Isle of Man

IM99 4LN
01624 897943