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E. Vogel Bespoke, Inc.

Custom boots and shoes made in New York

E. Vogel Inc. was established in 1879 by Egidius Vogel in lower Manhattan. The tradition of highest quality has continued through the years with the 2nd generation Harold Vogel Sr. to the 3rd generation Jack and Hank (Harold Jr.) Vogel, and now the 4th Dean Vogel and his cousin Jack Lynch. Our boot and shoes are manufactured by the finest craftsmen in the world of the very best materials available.

Our clientele and dealer system extend throughout the United States and abroad. Leading riders, The United States Equestrian Team, and most of the foreign equestrian teams, all use our boots. We also make fine bespoke shoes, which has always been a trademark of Vogel.

It is our mission to ensure that E. Vogel Custom Boots and Shoes will continue to provide the finest footwear available for years to come. That's our "Commitment to Excellence."

The hallmark of custom made boots is represented in the choises and options which characterize your particular needs and desires. E. Vogel Custom Boots is pleased to offer a wide selection of options to suit your exact preferences and provide you with a custom performance, riding or pleasure boot second to none.

E. Vogel Bespoke, Inc.

63 Flushing Ave

Unit 331


New York  11205

(718) 852-2887