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Caroline Groves

Bespoke handmade shoes

The joy of owning a bespoke pair of shoes is not only in the wearing but also in the commissioning process of something that uniquely reflects your personality and desires. The bespoke process involves three or more appointments and it is often while meeting a client their particular sense of style will trigger the inspiration for the design.

After an initial consultation and choice of potential leathers and trimmings a 'mock-up' will be created to evaluate on the second visit. At this stage alterations can be made, if needed, before heading towards the final stage. Here the final shoe is presented and fitted.

To create your perfect shoes Caroline will source leathers and suggest vintage trims or commission additional embellishments for your shoes from other craftspeople. This could be silver buckles, jewelled details, carved heels or even parakeet wings. Only the finest leathers from France and Italy are used for the uppers and the leather for the soles, insoles and stiffening comes from the last oak bark tannery in Devon.

Every pair of Caroline Groves shoes is then handmade in her workshop and is unique (and as unique) as the client who commissions it.

Caroline Groves, a personal bespoke service - click to view

Caroline Groves, at home in her workshop -  click to view

Caroline Groves

Flat Q Fifth Floor

Flat 40-41

Pall Mall


0207 839 6351