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Bespoke Yoga

Yoga teacher and Osteopath

Amy is a Yoga teacher and Osteopath, with an in depth understanding of the body and how yoga works with individual anatomy. Amy uses osteopathic techniques (sometimes while you’re in a pose) to help loosen tissues or promote muscle activation. She bends the rules of ‘alignment’ to make the yoga pose suit the person, not the other way around. 
​​Amy works Magic with athletes​​! ​​She chooses poses that mimic your sports activities to enhance your performance. Amy's approach to teaching athletes uses her osteopathic knowledge, together with yoga to optimise performance​​. Her technique ​​is based on the latest research into myofascial physiology and training methods together with functional biomechanics.  

Amy takes a functional approach to make the yoga applicable to your life and activities. ​Combining yoga and osteopathy to get the best out of your body

Bespoke Yoga

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