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David Williams-Ellis

Bespoke bronze sculpture

David Williams-Ellis is one of the world's leading figurative sculptors.  His prestigious commissions, both private and public, have brought him international acclaim.  Best known for his representations of the human form, David works primarily in clay before casting in bronze, silver or glass. His figures range in size –large enough to add drama to a landscape or small enough to look beautiful on a desk or to be a table centrepiece.

"I need my sculpture to live and breathe and to emit a powerful sense of its own energy and movement.  It’s capturing the tension between the sculpture and its surroundings that brings a sculpture to life.’

Inspired by the romanticism of Rodin and Bourdelle, David’s sculpture is noted for its classical balance and poise and above all for sense of movement and vitality captured within the form.  It’s the powerful energy of David’s work that thrusts it way beyond the ornamental and gives it its definitive contemporary edge.

David Williams-Ellis

Lazonby Manor




CA10 1BA
01768 898071

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