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Needles and Crosses

Stitch by stitch, row by row - a little luxury for the everyday wardrobe

There’s something about wrapping up in a garment that’s been handmade, crafted especially for you that feels both snug and sumptuous at the same time. Stitch by stitch, row by row I take time to make each piece by hand and offer a little luxury to the everyday wardrobe.

On one particularly wintry day I decided that I would like to create the kind of comforting clothes that I wanted to own but couldn’t find to buy.

I taught myself to knit and before long I threw myself into a world of fluffy wool, stocking stitch and knitting needles. Friends and family started asking me to make them pieces of their own and I found a thrill in creating something out of nothing, stitch by stich and row by row with only the recipient in mind.

What started out as a labour of love has now become a lifestyle and I’m pleased to present to you my Needles and Crosses.


What is the aim of OnlyBespoke?

OnlyBespoke has a simple name and a simple purpose: to bring together as many of the amazing bespoke products and services that we can find. Our site aims to showcase nothing but skill, talent and craftsmanship.


How to be featured:

If you think you have a bespoke product or service that should be seen on this website you are probably right! We are in the early stages of building up this resource and we know that there are very many areas that are, as yet, under-represented. Please do Contact us if you would like to be included.

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