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Miller Harris

Bespoke scent

There is no greater luxury in perfumery than a bespoke scent. Integral to Lyn Harris’ philosophy in fragrance, it is the ultimate expression of Miller Harris’ unique expertise in matching scent to sensibility.

Tailor made by perfumer Lyn Harris, your bespoke Miller Harris fragrance will be your most treasured accessory. Its story will be meaningful and resonant, its ingredients comforting and inspiring. Worn as a second skin, it will be a reflection of all that you hold dear.

Lyn Harris pioneered bespoke perfumery at a time when it was unheard of. Today, she is one of the most respected bespoke perfumers in Britain.

The creative process begins with a personal consultation during which time Lyn will determine the theme and style for the fragrance. The process of creating the bespoke fragrance takes at least three months and when the final formula is chosen, it is delivered in a hand-engraved bottle with a name or message etched onto the glass.

This is presented in an exquisite handmade, black lacquered wooden box which is engraved with the signature Miller Harris botanical print.

Once created, the bespoke fragrance can then be adapted to all Miller Harris body care products and candles.


Miller Harris

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