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John Lobb

Bespoke boots and shoes

John Lobb began making bespoke boots and shoes over 150 years ago. The brand's traditional savoir-faire remains to this day.

Bespoke means designing and manufacturing shoes to conform perfectly both to the shape of the client's foot and to his esthetic wishes. Each pair requires an average of 50 hours of work by highly qualified craftsmen.

The Master Last-Maker initiates the process by taking a series of foot measurements, while the client chooses the model, shape and type of leather, as well as the height of the heel, the sole and any other particular details. Following this first appointment, the shape of the foot is sculpted in hornbeam wood.

The client returns for a second appointment to try on a mock-up of the shoe. This allows the craftsman to further refine the precision of the last that will be used to create the desired pair. The third appointment consists of the final fitting and delivery of the John Lobbs.

Every pair of John Lobbs created in the bespoke workshop is designed to offer the client many long years of comfort. To this end, he will be advised as to the best way to care for and maintain his John Lobbs.

John Lobb shoes offer not only sturdiness and timeless elegance, but unique comfort. They have no generic size or width; they will fit only the client who ordered them.

John Lobb bespoke shoes are an extension of the personality of the wearer.

John Lobb

88, Jermyn Street


0207 930 8089