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Ingle & Rhode

Ethically sourced bespoke rings

It's not just a ring you're revealing. It's the moment for you to show how well you know her, and how much thought you've invested. Get everything right, and it's a moment you'll be talking about for years to come.

Perhaps you have a clear vision of the design you want us to bring to life, and you may even have pictures or sketches. Or perhaps you're looking for inspiration and expert guidance to help you clarify your requirements. Using what you tell us about her, and working with your ideas and budget, we’ll create your perfect ring. It’s an extraordinary moment. Make it right in every way.

No store front, no salespeople and not the 'obvious' brand. From discreet premises in Marylebone, London, Ingle & Rhode is staging a quiet revolution in how independent-minded people source their perfect engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings. With a service that wouldn't be out of place on Savile Row, but with starting prices that are far more democratic, our clients are drawn from all walks of life.

Our story began in 2006, when David Rhode was looking for an engagement ring but couldn't find a jeweller who could tell him where their diamonds had come from, or the conditions under which they were produced. The more he looked into the industry, the more compromises he discovered he was being asked to make. From blood diamonds, to dirty gold, to sweatshops and child labour. Ingle & Rhode was set up by Tim Ingle and David Rhode to be the ethical alternative to the traditional luxury brands.

Ingle & Rhode

14 Gees Court



020 3411 2591