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Fine bespoke gloves

In an age of instant gratification, eight to twelve weeks may seem like an eternity. That is how long it takes to measure your hands, select, prepare and cut the leather, sew, adjust and inspect your gloves before finally handing over the finished pair to you. Each step is carried out by hand in accordance with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

If you are ready to wait about two to three months for a pair of gloves perfectly conformed after your unique measurements and esthetic wishes, it will be our privilege to take your order.

getting your measure

Measuring your hands is the first step in crafting a pair of gloves just for you. Based in our Stockholm store, bespoke glove cutters Anton and Niklas Magnusson will assist you. You choose the style of glove, lining, what type of sewing and other details.

making your templates

After your first appointment we will create your personal templates according to your measurement and choice of style. A mock- up glove is made in accordance with the original art of glove making. The leather is cut in Hestra by Anton or Niklas and sewn together and finished by the most skilled craftsmen in a small workshop in Hungary.

sample glove

After a couple of weeks or so, you will be asked to return to our Stockholm store to try on the mock-up of the gloves. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to ensure you get the perfect fit. During this appointment you will be asked to choose what type of leather and colour.

preparing and cutting

Your templates are adjusted according to the sample glove before we begin selecting the perfect piece of leather. After we have prepared the material, the correct pieces are cut out and then sewn. After dressing, ironing and polish they are ready for the final step — you.

delivery and care

The moment you have been waiting for – we hand over the finished gloves after they have passed a final quality inspection. We also advise you on how to best look after them.


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