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Grannies, Inc.

Custom knitwear


We believe in supporting the UK's knitting industry and want to reignite the nation's passion for handmade, ethically produced fashion. We'd like to introduce you to our expert team of knitting grannies. These lovely ladies have a real passion for knitting and are ready and waiting to turn your knitwear designs into reality. We are all about creating a connection between the customer and the knitter so you'll even have the choice of which granny you want to knit your order. We can vouch for the quality of their work and the warmth of their hearts. You'll be so happy with your new accessory we reckon you'll want to send them a thank you card.


Behind every piece of knitwear produced at Grannies, Inc. there is a story... and it all starts with YOU! Unlike the premanufactured mass clothing out there you determine the start of the story by designing your own knitwear and deciding exactly who you want to knit it for you. We take your design, turn it into a knitting pattern and send it to your chosen granny. With complete pleasure she knits it for you using 100% merino wool yarn, sourced from South Africa and spun and dyed in a 200 year old spinning mill in Devon. Finally, it falls on your doorstep and the story is complete.


Our team of knitting grannies are ready to take on pretty much any knitting or crochet project that is thrown their way so if you have a specific request for something not available on our website then please do get in touch. We get all kinds of wild and wonderful requests for knitwear and absolutely love turning people's ideas into reality. We'll do everything we can to meet your requirements.

Our services include...

Designing patterns from an idea, sketch or photograph
Commission knitting from a pattern provided
Sourcing patterns and appropriate yarn to suit requirements
Replicating our knitwear designs in alternative yarns

Grannies, Inc.

63 Papworth Gardens 


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