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Chester Jefferies

Bespoke gloves

Chester Jefferies specialises in handmade gloves, offering a variety of leathers, linings, colours and types of sewing. Our business has been built on the company's skills and experience in leather selection, cutting and sewing, and our products enjoy a worldwide reputation for quality, which has enabled the company to develop substantial sales in the export market.

By continuing our commitment to our established high standards, and with around 2000 styles of gloves, whatever your requirements for leather gloves, from one to a thousand pairs, our aim at Chester Jefferies is to satisfy.

Chester Jefferies understands that every hand is different which is why we offer our bespoke service to most of our styles. Whether you are just looking for that perfect fit or if you need something a little more specialized we can suit your needs. We charge a one off cost of £20 for your first bespoke order which will create patterns for your hands and will be kept on file for any future orders.

To order gloves using our bespoke service , simply pick one of the many styles available for bespoke sizing and select 'Add new measurements'. You will then be asked to enter your measurements (A - G) as shown in the picture to the right. Please make sure all measurements are taken on the Palm Side of your hand, preferably in Inches but Centimetres is also accepted. 

The Chester Jefferies business has been built on the company's skills and experience in leather selection, cutting and sewing. Chester Jefferies gloves are made from the finest materials, carefully selected by the Master Glovemaker. Unlike the majority of gloves which are produced for today's market, Chester Jefferies gloves are made from leather skins which are individually inspected and prepared before being cut by hand. It is this careful preparation and the traditional making methods used by the company's craftsmen/women which ensure the perfect fit and excellent wearing characteristics of our fine English gloves. A blend of these traditional making skills and the exercise of rigorous quality control procedures produces the finest of leather gloves to be found anywhere in the world.

The Chester Jefferies company makes traditional, classic glove styles which are sold by leading stores and specialist retail outlets in the UK, elsewhere in Western Europe, in North America and in the Far East. Major markets include France, Italy, Germany, Japan, the USA and Canada. In addition to the many varieties of classic formal dress styles and casual designs for leisure and sports wear, Chester Jefferies also makes ceremonial and uniform gloves as well as specialist gloves such as police riot gloves and gloves for the disabled.

Chester Jefferies

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