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Bespoke Perfume Design

A truly unique experience, the creation of a signature perfume. 

Developed with our perfumery team over an approximate period of 6 months and a minimum of 3 consultations. An initial consultation with the Floris perfumer will determine the preferred perfume profile and the direction to take for this exquisite new composition. Following periods of testing we will then use rare and precious essential oils and floral essences gathered from around the world, and at further consultations, blend an exclusive and individual fragrance. 

You will receive your 100ml Eau de Parfum with Certificate of Provenance in a Floris signature bespoke experience box as well as 5 more repeats of the same fragrance. 

As when we go through all our fragrance creation, the initial session will take place with our perfumer alongside Edward Bodenham, the 'nose' of the perfumery and 9th generation of Floris family. He will be on hand throughout the process to guide you through this process. 

By having your fragrance created with us you are adding to our private perfume ledgers dating back nearly 300 years, started by our founder Juan Famenias Floris. For peace of mind, this also means that you know this record is being protected for you and for your future generations to re-order. 

When ordering your Floris Bespoke Experience, you will receive a beautifully presented gift box, including your bottle ahead of the session, already engraved with your initials.



89 Jermyn Street

St. James's


020 7930 2885