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Chris Clemes

150 years of Fly rod and reel making 

Our 3rd generation split cane fly rod and fly reel makers put their years of experience into practice at our workshops every day. From the hand turning of our classic fly reels to the planing of the fine tapers of our classic split cane fly rods, our craftsmen take pride in each task they complete. This combination of attention to detail and classic styling is part of our mission to create England’s finest split cane fly rods and fly reels.

Many people have asked us "why should I choose a split cane fly rod" answer is not straightforward, both split cane fly rods and carbon rods have advantages in certain situations and the market is full of both of various degrees of quality. However the answer simply is that split cane fly rods allow for improved casting efficiency, a more delicate presentation and a feel not possible with modern carbon fly rods. Whilst often viewed as an expensive luxury for the purist, split cane fly rods have substance and a character that serve to enhance the overall fly fishing experience.

Browse the online home of our workshops and view how our custom split cane fly rods are made. Each is hand split, hand planed and finished in England using the finest components available. Each split cane fly rod in our Harmony and Symphony rod ranges to leave our workshops has been transformed from a single culm of bamboo, with more than 72 hours of loving craftsmanship, to become the epitome of the cane rod makers craft.

Chris Clemes

Office 229

34 Buckingham Palace Road

+44 (0)208 123 0349