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Andrew Cooke Ceramics

Unusual ceramic instruments & strange things

I have always made and modified stuff. As a child I looked into ways to change my environment and create objects around me to suit the images in my head. I questioned what I could make and what use objects had. I do not believe I have changed much as I have grown into an adult though watching my own child grow and listen to her stories and make-believe worlds, I do believe sometimes we lose more than we gain.  

A life changing moment came with a diagnosis of arthritis in my wrist and hands. I had to give up work as I needed strong hands to be a panel beater. Suddenly my life had changed direction and it was hard to see where I could go next. Going back to art was my therapy, this lead me to completing a degree in fine & applied art .

Making can physically be a challenge, but the personal satisfaction I receive when I see the finished piece makes all the effort worthwhile, this is my drug to make and create. To me the journey can be as worthwhile as the outcome. Solving and experimenting are large parts of my practice. 

At present I am exploring making instruments using clay, Being able to make music is one of life's great achievements. I can not make music so the next best thing is to make the instrument, the pleasure is hearing these being brought to life by musicians. I recently attended 'The World Music Day Event' at Project 24 where I demonstrated how I make my musical instruments, and importantly how to play the diddlybow. 

Andrew Cooke Ceramics - The Diddley Bow Documentary

Andrew Cooke Ceramics

17 Grand Prix Park


County Down

Northern Ireland

BT16 2BD
07854 773 030

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