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Bespoke Browbands

Individually crafted leather browbands

Bespoke Browbands was formed to provide hand-made, hand-stitched, individually created browbands from the finest English leather, to the customer’s requirements. Because our browbands are made to each customer’s specific requirements, it is not  possible to ‘click and order’ on this website, rather, we ask that you email us to personally discuss your exact requirements and together we will design your browband to your requirements.

We produce a range of browbands, from beaded to plaited, stitched name to plain. They are made in black, dark brown or Newmarket (a tan colour) English leather,  and can be made in ANY length required. Smallest we’ve done was 9”, largest was 22”! 

We use beads sourced from all over the world,  from fun acrylic shapes to semi-precious stones,  from crystal glass to freshwater pearls.The beads are mounted by hand by securing them on strong nylon wire and stitching over the wire between the layers of the hand-stitched browband.

They can also be made with larger loops to fit padded headpieces, on request, for no extra charge. 

Bespoke Browbands is based at my home in Poringland, Norfolk.  When I am not there, I am on my farm full of rescue animals in Hungary, where I continue to make browbands, (always from English leather!)  whilst caring for the varied and numerous residents. In fact, Bespoke Browbands are what pay for my many rescued animals.  Life there can be quite traumatic at times, as animal welfare leaves a lot to be desired,  so making browbands and chatting with customers provides a welcome break.

Browbands may be posted from Norfolk…or Hungary (You might be lucky enough to find some quite interesting stamps on your parcel!)

Bespoke Browbands

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