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John Taylor & Co

Makers of the World's Finest Sounding Bells

At the Taylor Bell Foundry more large bells have probably been cast than at any other bell foundry in the history of bell founding. Bells from Loughborough have been exported all over the world.

Following traditional methods we also still dig a pit for each bell and bury our moulds in the earth of the foundry floor before casting. With the introduction of immensely strong cast iron bell cases in the 19th century, most bell founders abandoned the burying of their moulds to save time and money. At Taylors we are convinced that allowing the bell to cool slowly in the earth over a period of days gives a better molecular structure and a better sounding bell - and our discerning customers agree with us.

Whilst Taylors embraces good technological advancement, all of our bells are tuned by hand (not by a computerised numerical control lathe) to ensure each is marginally unique and therefore enjoyable to the human ear.

Each newly cast bell can be inscribed and decorated with a lettering style and decorative band from our reasonably extensive existing portfolio. Customers can ask to see the various styles available and choose the ones they like best for new bells. They can also commission new art work to be cast in relief on the bell's external surface - this might include coats of arms or shields, or religious icons as appropriate.

John Taylor & Co

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