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Fresh Fitness Food

Nutrition for athletes and professionals

Fresh Fitness Food is the premium provider of bespoke nutrition for athletes and professionals. Tailored to your nutritional requirements, allergies and health and fitness goals. Expertly prepared by our team of professional chefs to ensure great taste and variety. Conveniently delivered to your home or work to save you time and effort.

Fresh Fitness Food was set up in 2012 by Jared Williams as a result of “passion and frustration”. Jared started the business from the kitchen of his own flat, handling marketing and sales, as well as the production and delivery of all the food. Fresh Fitness Food now produces thousands of meals a week and has established itself as the industry leading provider of bespoke nutrition for athletes and professionals

Why it works?

Experience - Fresh Fitness Food is the industry leading provider of bespoke nutrition for athletes and professionals

Results - gain access to elite nutrition and improved health, with every ingredient, recipe and package calculated to give you the best possible chance of optimising your diet and achieving your goals

Convenience - a hassle free service that delivers everything you need to your doorstep, saving you time by eliminating the need to shop, cook, clean and count calories

Bespoke - our team of nutritionists and custom built nutrition software will ensure that each and every meal is designed for your unique nutritional requirements and goals

Designed for London - choose which days you do and don’t want food, delivery can be to your home or work, a menu designed for office life (i.e. no garlic) and every meal delivered in compact, tamper proof, microwaveable containers

Taste - every meal has been designed by a Michelin star trained menu consultant and all your food will be prepared by our team of experienced, expert chefs, ensuring great taste and variety


Fresh Fitness Food

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