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Iwona Luka

Bespoke accessories

​Since I was a young girl I loved hand knitted and unique designs however nearly twenty years ago I became acquainted with handcrafted crochet lace and since then the passion got stronger and stronger.
I love to convert and translate images of the outside world into lacy patterns bringing refreshing & comfortable, unique & feminine alternatives for lace in fashion.
I design and make crochet lace pieces for bridal, evening &  casual wear, accessories, jewellery and sometimes lingerie.

I use reasonably thin/thick 1mm hook, high quality, fine silky yarns, decorative threads, light silks, tulles to deliver uniquely weightless,  classically elegant,  one off statement.

​Crochet craftsmanship has managed to survive a lot over the ages assimilating on the way a great deal of cultures from all over the world. The transformation it went through is impressive and it certainly deserves the name “Classic” and I very much appreciate the craft, intricacy, originality and the twist it gives to the fabric and a look.

​So inspired by people, nature, cultures I pursue answers to what will happen when I simplify or complicate the pattern...and chasing both fun and practical or if you will functional sides of life must say that in a matter of crochet  a few things can be done.

Iwona Luka

+353 (0)85 178 1217