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Desmond Merrion

Yorkshire's true tailor

I am Yorkshire's true tailor. I have a wealth of experience, a highly personal service, the finest traditional bespoke handcrafted tailoring.

People sometimes state, “tailoring was in my blood” well for me it really was. My late Father wasn’t a tailor, he was an engineer, a sewing machine engineer and a really good one. He ended up being the chief engineer for Montague Burton’s, but until he eventually became the chief engineer, like many of us now he also had to do several other jobs to make ends meet.

This is how I really got started onto the tailoring path. My earliest tailoring recollections are as a young boy aged about 6 running in and out of the various Jewish tailors’ workshops in and around the Leeds area.

Particularly the once bustling tailoring area of North Street, Cohens, Zimmermans, Feldmans, Freemans, my dad did them all, repairing and maintaining their sewing machines on Saturday mornings for a bit of extra cash to support our family.

I am now a time served bespoke tailor and have 32 years experience as a cut and make tailor. I do not outsource the cutting, or one single stitch of my clients work. This ethos gives me absolute control over every single hand stitch I place ensuring that I make you the perfect suit.

When anyone commissions me to make their garments, you are getting a true craftsman that will actually be cutting and fully making your suits from start to finish personally. It takes me at least 65 hours to hand create you perfection. My unique level of service was rare 60 years ago and is practically unheard of in this day and age. I am a genuine boutique business that really cares about my clients, and the quality and fit of the suits I make them.

The best tailor in Leeds, Yorkshire. Meet Des Merrion.

Desmond Merrion

Pelican Works,

Wakefield Road,



07871 877061