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Edie Parker

Handcrafted clutches and handbags

Launched in 2010, Edie Parker is a collection of acrylic clutches and handbags. Inspired by the original handbags favored by showgirls and socialites during the 1950s and 1960s, these chic, wearable sculptures are objects of delight with retro soul. Crescent, rectangular or cube shaped, Edie Parker’s sleek lines, creamy surfaces and gem-flaked textures glide timelessly onto today’s fashion landscape. And like their mid-century predecessors, each bag is meticulously handcrafted in America. 

Brett Heyman is the founder and designer of Edie Parker. Before the brand’s debut, Brett served as the director of Public Relations for Gucci until 2010. Prior to Gucci, Brett worked for Elle Magazine, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

Edie Parker sprang from Brett’s love of mid-century style. Captivated by the original acrylic creations’ slim silhouettes, Technicolor palettes and dramatic ornamentation, she began collecting the vintage purses and researching their long lost designers, makers and original fabrication techniques. When Brett could no longer find the clutches she coveted at vintage and second-hand shops, she decided it was time to remake them for a new generation of fashion tastemakers.

The Bespoke Edie Parker clutch transforms a classic handbag into a stylish statement of identity. Simply select the shape, font and colors from our palate. Then, choose a word that tells the world who you are. Perhaps it’s your name, perhaps not. Each Bespoke clutch is unique, handcrafted, and made in America.