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Ciminera Books

Fine binding

Carla Ciminera is an artist whose medium is books. She combines the most rigorous traditional book-binding techniques with flair and a love of beautiful materials that result in creations of captivating allure. 

Books hold a special place in most people’s lives, perhaps as the hand-written recipes handed down from your grandmother, or the first novel that enchanted you. Carla’s work gives visible expression to the wonder of the words that lie within, turning cherished books into exquisite works of art that reflect their unique significance. 

Traditional techniques ensure that the books are beautifully constructed; hand-sewn, properly rounded backs and hand-woven silk headbands ensure longevity. Fine leathers from around the world, silks which she often hand paints, precious and semi-precious stones, Claire Guillot papers, and sumptuous peacock feathers are just some of the materials which make each creation unique.

Portrait books - celebrating a moment, a life, an occasion - are her passion. In close conversation with the client she will create a unique representation of a person, couple or family from photographs and documents, tracing the subject’s life with sensitivity and awareness.  The bespoke binding will transform it into a treasured heirloom, to be enjoyed by generations to come.  A collection she is currently working on for a doting grandfather features a volume for each year of the first six years of the lives of his five grandchildren. Scrolling through smartphone photos is one thing, turning the pages of a beautiful heirloom is another.

Carla is half Italian and half Scots-Irish. She divides her time between her ateliers in Brussels and Umbria. She can work in English, Italian and French.

Ciminera Books