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Hannah Brown

Fine bookbinding and other bespoke works

Hannah specialises in fine bookbinding and other bespoke commissioned works. She works with a variety of materials and found objects, creating unique and hand-crafted pieces from scratch.

Hannah wants her bindings to be appreciated for their relation to the content of the book inside whilst creating a tactile object to be handled and used.  She is continually stimulated by the environment around her, she has many ideas and finds herself continually thinking ahead to her next binding.

Hannah graduated with a BA (Hons) in Three Dimensional Crafts from Brighton University in 2004.  She began studying Bookbinding during evening classes at Brighton University before transferring to classes at The Institute in London in 2005.  She currently works from her home studio in Provence where she is living during 2014.

She was elected as a Licenciate member of Designer Bookbinders in 2009 after winning first prize in the 2008 Designer Bookbinders Competition and was also awarded the Mansfield Medal for best book in the same competition.  She is a committee member of the Society of Bookbinders and plays an active role in the London and South Region of the society. She is also a member of the Bookbinders Collective, exhibiting work with them and teaching workshops.

Hannah Brown

07740 082 672

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