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Couture boots - Masterpiece of French craftsmanship

The House of Lareymondie is the vision, creation and passion of Maylis De Lacoste Lareymondie. It represents a new kind of elegance — contemporary couture that builds on craftsmanship refined over centuries, incorporating the finest leathers to create heirlooms that last a lifetime and beyond.

Maylis launched the House of Lareymondie specifically to create bespoke boots for women — works of beauty to be measured and treasured, custom fit for one but handed down through the generations. Maylis combines hard business skills with an attention to detail and a lifelong passion. She has brought together artisans who build on centuries of tradition, education and dedication to create true masterpieces.

A work of art takes a lot of work. At Lareymondie we believe it’s worth the effort. For us the process of creating Lareymondie Couture is a labor of love. For you, it’s a chance to make a truly bespoke item uniquely yours. 

Here’s how it works: Every few weeks, our Master Bootmaker journeys from his studio on the outskirts of Paris to a salon in New York. He does this to meet you and learn a little about you — where you might wear the boots, how much you walk, and how often. He takes a series of measurements of your legs, ankles and feet.

That’s when the fun starts, and you get to make choices. After all, this is the Custom Fit — and we take that idea very seriously.

Adding to all the choices we offer, you can add initials, embossing, trim and a range of other features. It’s all yours, uniquely yours, and very couture.

After your meeting with the Bootmaker, he’ll go back to Paris and do his thing. He’ll do it over and over and over, till he gets it just right. Then, he’ll come back to New York with a mock up. Think of it as the first draft of a masterpiece — you get to edit, resize, anything you want. And of course, the fit must be exactly right. Then, on his next trip, you’ll get the real thing. And even then, if changes need to be made, we’ll make them. All the way until you love it.


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Atelier Courbet



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