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Wig Innovation

Hand-made wigs

Wig Innovation is one of the leading producers of hand-made, human hair wigs, hairpieces and toupes. We are unique as all our wigs are made here in the UK, not factories abroad.

Based in London and Yorkshire, the company produces beautiful, hand knotted, bespoke wigs that look, feel and react just like natural human hair. By using a mixture of traditional well trusted methods to construct your wig and modern cutting techniques our wigs are undetected by sight and touch. By using the finest European human hair and a hand made bespoke lace foundation we create the finest quality hand knotted wigs in the UK. Whether you have suffered hair-loss through a genetic disorder, alopecia or chemotherapy we can give you back the confidence you deserve.

Wig innovation is owned and run by Katie Macaulay. Katie is a renowned hair and make-up artist and has worked with a whole host of celebrities and high-profile figures during her 17-year career. Katie's experience spans years of making real human hair wigs for private clients, West End shows, films and TV commercials. She has an unrivaled knowledge and understanding within her field and possesses an essential combination of skills, training and experience enabling Wig Innovation to produce the finest hand knotted wigs on the market.

At Wig Innovation we pride ourselves in offering a unique personal service and over the years have developed a compassionate and caring reputation. We offer clients consultations at our London office or in the comfort of their own home throughout the UK. We take the time to understand your requirements and offer expert advice in this field to ensure you have the best possible solution at what can be a very distressing time.

With each new client we take a precise shape of the head making a mould, this ensures our lightweight, breathable hand made lace foundation fits the scalp perfectly creating a comfortable 'second skin'. Each wig is hand knotted using over 70,000 individual hairs. We knot each hair in the same direction as hair growth, in accordance to the individual style specifications of our clients.

Wig Innovation undoubtedly offers the best life-changing, non-intrusive hair replacement system in the UK, giving back our clients the self-esteem and confidence they deserve.

Wig Innovation

2 Wimpole Street


0207 9890335

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