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AutoMotive Couture

Customising prestige vehicles

Stylish and personalized car jewellery can be the finishing touch which raises your car from the exemplary to the truly extraordinary. We offer handcrafted grille, wheel and accessory collections across a range of luxury vehicles, inspiring motoring pride in drivers of prestige cars everywhere. We work with our American affiliate Strut to craft eye-catching embellishmentsthat are as desirable as they are unique. From mesh grilles to custom bumpers and emblems, each piece is personally engraved by the artist who created it, for the ultimate in quality approval. Browse some of the customised jewellery options available by clicking here.


For harmonised colour schemes of depth and beauty, our colour and trim team create unique designs around a 'rule of three' principle. ONE A main interior colour, typically a darker shade TWO A second inset colour for eye-catching contrast THREE A complementary accent colour for stitching and piping.

And of course, this being Automotive Couture, all of our designs begin with luxurious woodveneers and leathers as a main canvas. Our mats and boot carpets are colour-matched with contrast binding. As the customer, you can take great pleasure in choosing the hides, paint finishes and stitching colours to reflect your motoring aspirations.

Inspired by your ideas and your passion, our team is focused on exploring aesthetic boundaries. Working with you, they create interior colour schemes that are individual, distinctive and instantly recognisable.

Elegance. Class. Dignity. Sophistication. These were the watchwords on which AutoMotive Couture was founded in 2006. Since then, our dedicated team of bespoke vehicle advisors has been helping motoring enthusiasts customise their vehicles to create the ultimate driving experience.

As a customer and prestige car driver, you demand craftsmanship of the highest order in every aspect relating to your vehicle. We deliver nothing less than impeccable products sculpted from the highest quality materials using classic techniques.

As a truly global phenomenon, our clients range from film stars to connoisseurs of flawless artistry and all of whom experience the very best in personal service and workmanship. In fact, by realising the dreams of our customers, we are helping to create the next generation of automotive masterpieces and jewellery designs.

AutoMotive Couture

186 Finchley Road



0207 692 5111

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