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Tosca & Willoughby

Wooden loo seats

We are the only specialist manufacturer of wooden loo seats that still makes and finishes their seats using the traditional hand methods, including a hand-brushed finish, and has been continuously in production in the UK for over thirty five years. When we started in 1977 there was no other place to buy a wooden loo seat in London and no internet, but of course it was not long before they became hugely fashionable and the market has been flooded with cheap imported seats – some of which are only “wood” in the very loosest sense. We have always resisted going down that particular path and continue to make only the very best wooden seats in the world. A long time ago we had a customer in London who when asked why he was buying his seats from us replied that he wouldn’t buy a tie in a department store, so he certainly wouldn’t buy something as important as his loo seat anywhere other than us!

Over the years we have been fortunate to be involved in providing our top quality wooden seats to some very interesting and important projects either direct or through the better interior designers in the UK, Europe, the USA and the Gulf. These have included the Mansion House in the City of London, The British Embassy in Washington, palaces in London & Monaco, international hotels, historic houses and stately homes, a converted woollen mill in the Cotswolds, a walnut mill in the Charente Maritime, super yachts and much more. 

We also supplied all the seats for the Historic House Hotels group, including Hartwell House Hotel in Buckinghamshire, Bodysgallen Hall in Wales and Middlethorp Hall in Yorkshire.

During 2012 we provided 20 seats for a newly built lodge in Aspen Colorado, 24 seats for a palace in Madrid, 15 seats for a chateau in Aquitaine, 16 seats for a chateau in the Ile de France, a number of seats for a villa on Mustique and are currently working on 12 seats for a private residence in the 6eme in Paris.


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